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New Photos

20/10/2009 16:26
A couple of new photos, hope you like them. ;)   Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn Fall Colors   

New photo

11/10/2009 19:52
Just one new photo to start the autumn session. Fall Is Comming      

All portfolios have been updated

08/10/2009 19:09
Hi. All portfolios have been updated and changed a little. Some photos were left out, some were added, you get the point. Hope you like them. Cheers. 

My photo gallerys on the internet

17/07/2008 20:37
Almost all my photographs are in the hrpc or ptičica gallery. I have another gallery with some older pictures taken with the Olympus and if you want to see those photos senda me an e-mail.   HR Photo Contest Ptičica      

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